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Obama dan Anggota Kongres Memberikan Harapan kepada Gamer Online

Apakah Anda termasuk di antara banyak penjudi online yang mencoba menarik kemenangan mereka hanya untuk pemerintah AS untuk memblokir akun kasino online? Ini adalah ironi dari UIGEA (Undang-Undang Penegakan Perjudian Internet Melanggar Hukum tahun 2006). Orang-orang yang dirugikan adalah orang-orang yang berutang uang tetapi secara teknis tidak melanggar hukum.

Kami akan meninjau sejarah UIGEA jika tidak terlalu akrab. Baik Senat dan DPR memilih Security and Accountability For Every Port Act, yang tidak termasuk UIGEA. UIGEA kemudian ditambahkan dalam Conference Report. Laporan Konferensi disahkan oleh Senat dan DPR tanpa dibacakan. Kejutan dunia perjudian internet terasa sehari setelah Presiden Bush menandatanganinya Syair SGP.

Kehebohan itu tidak hanya terjadi di Amerika Serikat. Komisi Eropa, Organisasi Perdagangan Dunia dan lainnya juga membuat keributan. Mereka mengklaim AS melanggar undang-undang perdagangan internasional ketika melewati UIGEA. Ini karena undang-undang berusaha untuk melarang perjudian online. Hukum tidak membuat perjudian online ilegal. Namun, itu membuatnya ilegal bagi lembaga keuangan AS untuk mentransfer uang ke situs perjudian internet. Adalah ilegal untuk berjudi jika uang tidak dapat ditambahkan ke akun Anda.

Tapi, Washington tampaknya mengubah nadanya. Obama telah menyatakan bahwa dia ingin AS dan tetangga internasionalnya untuk bekerja sama lagi. Dia berencana untuk memulai dengan PBB. Sikap baru ini cukup menggembirakan, meski belum ada sinyal jelas dari Obama untuk melegalkan game online. Ada banyak sinyal kuat dari anggota Kongres untuk mendukung legalisasi perjudian internet.

Baru-baru ini, dua undang-undang diperkenalkan yang akan mengembalikan kegembiraan para penjudi online AS. Salah satu undang-undang ini adalah dari Perwakilan Barney Frank yang akan mencoba lagi untuk mencabut UIGEA. Dia percaya orang Amerika harus bisa berjudi online tanpa harus mematuhi perjanjian internasional. Dia memandangnya lebih sebagai masalah hak individu dan privasi daripada hubungan internasional.

Senator Robert Menendez akan menjadi orang yang mengusulkan legislasi kedua. Cakupannya sedikit lebih sempit dari Frank. Menendez lebih tertarik melegalkan poker online daripada judi online. Ini bisa menjadi strategi untuk membawa legalisasi perjudian sepotong demi sepotong ke anggota lain, tetapi kita hanya harus menunggu dan menonton.

Kabar baiknya adalah bahwa gemuruh Kongres, dikombinasikan dengan komitmen Obama untuk menghormati kewajiban internasional kami, dapat menyebabkan perubahan dalam undang-undang perjudian internasional. Jaga agar kemenangan Anda aman dari pembekuan pemerintah.

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Sports Betting Tips – Free Tips Inside


A particular sense of experience and amusement is generated when it comes to making wagers. It doesn’t follow that one must go in blind and with no knowledge about the events or things that you gambles on, however there is always the possibility this one remains protected and unsure about their chances of doing online betting on sports. Fortunately, are tips for individuals who are looking to try but must remember before diving in to this interest.

These sports betting tips can syair sgp enlighten one on whether or not they ought to take to on the web betting. It’s not sensible to generate a bet when a person stands to lose that which they cannot afford. The cash lost should be an amount that someone can manage not to possess anymore or one could earn back . To be considered a gaming addict is a grave thing that may detract from the simple joys of doing online sports gambling. It is advisable to know that the fundamentals of the sport which you is gambling on and preferably a game which one particularly loves and likes to watch. There is no point wagering on something which doesn’t even excite a person, it is more reasonable to place stakes on something which one loves and is acquainted with instead of just take a gamble in an unknown sport. A person should anticipate losing in the first range of stakes that he / she earns because becoming a fantastic bettor takes time and expertise. There’s such a thing as newcomer’s luck where a person wins the very first few times they place a stake but a persistent and increased exposure is the easiest way for anyone to understand and win with skill. A useful hint is that sports betting gambling ought to be medicated as an easy method for anyone to have pleasure in leisure and also some R and R, taking it too seriously can cause dire effects like causing more stress to the person. Remember that gambling can be entertaining as long as it is done for the pleasure of it.

A fundamental comprehension of what forms of bets that there are can also be handy as one isn’t completely oblivious to this experience. A Straight bet is just a bet on who thinks will triumph. A point spread is when you bets on either the favorable or underdog team and they would have to evaluate a certain quantity of points more than the different team for starters to win their bet. A Future is a complex bet this you may make at the beginning of the season because one possesses informative data on a specific sport. An Exotic bet is a type of wager made not regarding sporting events. It might possibly be anything from predicting the winner at an election for president, or maybe inventing a possible solution about a TV show which had its finale leaving crowds unsatisfied and brewing using more questions. Another useful tip is that you should be more mindful when their bets are made as bookmakers can perpetrate errors and it’s likewise the bettor’s responsibility to watch out for their welfare. Last but not least, when one’s budget for gambling is depleted, one must already stop. It’s dangerous to borrow and then give a loan even to friends because one may not be able to control themselves and instead of helping, just loses more money.

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